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Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine FAQs

2022-09-21 20:26:12

What is Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine?

An automatic sticker labeling machine is a type of labeling machine that can attach labels to products automatically and at high speed.

Automatic sticker labeling machines are used to apply labels completely automatically, which is ideal for high-volume production.

Automatic sticker labeling machines are designed to handle a variety of container shapes and sizes, offering flexibility in applications. They can also be easily integrated with other equipment in the packaging line, including filling systems and capping machines.

Automatic sticker labeling machines can be used for applying single or multiple labels quickly and accurately on round containers, square containers, and flat surfaces.

automatic sticker labeling machine faqs

How does Semi Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine work?

The Semi-Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine is suitable for labeling small bottles, containers, or jars It is a compact and highly reliable structure. It is made up of stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. The machine comes with an easy belt drive system that ensures smooth and noiseless operations.

The sticker labeling machine works on the principle of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels. These stickers are made of several materials such as paper, plastic, and aluminum. These stickers can be printed by using pre-printed rolls using inkjet printers, thermal printers, or laser printers.

The semi-automatic sticker labeling machine has a conveyor belt that moves the product in an assembly line manner through a number of processes. The products are inspected first and then they are separated from each other at equal distances. This is done with the help of a star wheel mechanism that separates one bottle from another.

After separation, the bottles are sent to an indexer; this is where you have to fix the label on the container manually. Once it is fixed, it is sent to a second indexer which rotates the bottle so that it gets pasted properly on one side and then it gets rotated again so that the other side can also be pasted properly. After this process, the bottles are sent to a drying tunnel so that all excess glue can be dried off, and then they are ready for packing and further use.


What are the benefits of an Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine?

In the packaging industry, sticker labeling machine is one of the most automatic equipment. This is a very popular machine. The automatic sticker labeling machine is easy to operate and can be used in any production line.

As a professional manufacturer of automatic labeling machines, we can provide you with better service and professional advice.

The following are some of the benefits of an automatic sticker labeling machine:

1. Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Can Improve Productivity

Labeling is a very time-consuming process. In addition, it is also an important process. The use of an automatic sticker labeling machine can significantly improve your productivity because it can complete the entire labeling process faster than your employees. At the same time, it can also increase the efficiency of your production line.

2. Customized Solutions

The automatic sticker labeling machine can be customized according to your actual requirements and needs, which makes it more suitable for all kinds of products. The labels are usually made by laser cutting, so they are all high-quality labels that are not easily damaged or torn during use or transport.

3. Save Space

Automatic labelers are designed to occupy as little space as possible on the production line, making them ideal for smaller spaces and ensuring maximum space utilization in larger areas as well.


What types of labeling machines are there?

There are many different types of labeling machines. These include:

1.Semi-automatic labeling machines

2.Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

3.Automatic orbital labeling machines for cylindrical products

4.Automatic orbital labeling machines for square, rectangular and flat products

5.Automatic orbital labeling machines for flat and round products

6.Inline labeling machines

7.Customized solutions

If you are looking to purchase a labeling machine, you will need to determine which type of labeling machine is best suited to your product.


Which types of products can be labeled with this Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine?

The machine can be used for round or flat bottles, barrels,s, and any other objects with a smooth surface. It can also work for some special products, such as:

1. Products with concave-convex surface

2. Products with two sides labeling (front-back) which are too big to be put in the labeling station of the machine.

3. Products with very small size, like 3ml perfume bottle

4. Products with extremely big size (e.g., 1000L IBC tank)

which types of products can be labeled with this automatic sticker labeling machine?

How much does an automatic sticker labeling machine cost?

An automatic sticker labeling machine is labeling equipment, the cost of which relates to its function and performance.

There are various types of automatic sticker labeling machines, such as pressure-sensitive labelers, sleeve labelers, cold glue labeling machines, hot melt glue labeling machines, etc.

The cost of automatic sticker labeling machines varies depending on their functions and performance. It can be divided into a semi-automatic labeling machine and a fully automatic labeling machine. The difference between the two is that the former adopts manual operation while the latter adopts PLC control. In addition, it can be divided into the intermittent type and continuous type according to the mode of operation.

Semi-automatic sticker labeling machine: $300 - $3000

Fully automatic sticker labeling machine: $3000 - $30000


What are the dimensions of an automatic sticker labeling machine?

Automatic labeling machines come in a wide range of sizes, but they all share the same basic design.
Automatic sticker labeling machine dimensions depend on the product size and production capacity. The standard machine is about 2.5x1x2 meters. It can be customized according to customer needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

The height and length of an automatic labeling machine are typically determined by the size of the container it is labeling. The width of a labeling machine is often determined by how many containers it is capable of holding at one time. If a labeling machine holds multiple containers, it may also have several heads for applying labels to more than one container at a time.

The conveying height can be adjusted according to the height of the container.

The length of the conveyor belt is customized according to the situation.

The machine can be fully automatic or semi-automatic.


How fast is an automatic sticker labeling machine?

According to your needs, you can choose 80 bottles per minute (100ml), 120 bottles per minute (100ml), 200 bottles per minute (100ml), and 300 bottles per minute (100ml).

I have been asked this question a few times and I’m asked by several customers. Their question is “How fast is an automatic sticker labeling machine?”

The answer really depends on the application for the machine. For instance, some applications require more accuracy and therefore the machine will run slower than another application. There are other factors that will also determine the speed of an automatic sticker labeling machine.

One factor that determines the speed of an automatic sticker labeling machine is how many labels are being applied to a product. Most machines can apply up to 4 labels at once but some can apply more depending on the label size and type of equipment. Another factor that will determine the speed is if there are multiple sides of a product being labeled. If it’s only one side then you can run the machine much faster than if it’s more than one side being labeled.

The type of label is also a factor in determining how fast an automatic sticker labeling machine can run. Some labels like pressure-sensitive labels require a higher speed because they need to be applied at that speed in order for them to adhere properly to the product. Other labels like glue-backed wraps require a lower speed because they need time to adhere properly to products.


How to use an automatic sticker labeling machine?

The Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine (also known as the automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, sticker labeling machine, etc.) is a new type of packaging machinery that has emerged in recent years. The label is applied to the round bottle, square bottle, and other containers in one process. It is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries.

How to use an automatic sticker labeling machine?
1. Preparation before debugging: carefully check whether the equipment is complete, whether there are any failures, safety protection measures are complete;

2. Install the labeling machine to ensure a smooth bearing surface for placement and stable placement;

3. Connect the power supply of the equipment according to the requirements of the manual;

4. Check whether all parts of the equipment are running normally. If there is any abnormal sound, stop immediately and check it again;

5. Adjusting the height of the feeding bottle: adjust the bottle-feeding rack according to different specifications of each customer's bottle (the height can be adjusted at will), and then adjust the supporting feet below accordingly;

6. Adjusting the height of the code wheel and adjusting its position so that it can be printed on each label;

7. Adjusting the height of each label

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