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Functional Characteristics and Uses of Online Checkweigher

2023-02-02 10:07:56

The method of online weighing machine is dynamic and static check weighing. The inspected product is transported to the input section of the weighing equipment through the front-end automatic conveying line or manually placed, and passes through the weighing table to detect the online weight of the product in real time, identify whether the product meets the weight requirements of the production line, and automatically determine whether the product is overweight, underweight or qualified. Qualified products automatically flow into the next process, and unqualified products pass through the output rejecting section and are removed to the unqualified collection device.

Features of the automatic online checkweigher:

1. Reduce the cost of use.

2. Modular structure with wide adaptability, which can be easily configured with changing requirements. Repositioning, replacing or upgrading is seamless and smooth.

3. The automatic checkweigher has higher efficiency and safer operation.

4. The design avoids danger and has built-in safety functions. Important maintenance tasks are simplified. Open frame design for faster and more effective cleaning.

5. Reliable, accurate performance.

6. The online checkweigher adopts mature detector technology to realize the optimal integration of electrical and mechanical, which can provide sensitivity and stability and improve compliance.

7. System uptime is longer.

8. Solutions provided by a single supplier that can support optimal mechanical and electrical integration for stable system performance and maximum uptime.

The main purpose of the online weight checking machine:

(1) The online checkweigher system is mainly used for quality inspection and classification of products on the automatic assembly line, and can also be used for inspection of excess and missing parts after product packaging.

(2) Online Weighing Inspection Machine can also replace manual weighing, so as to improve production efficiency, consistency and reliability of weighing.

(3) Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, industrial manufacturing, printing, logistics and other industries.

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