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  • Whole line inspection of PET bottles
  • Whole line inspection of PET bottles

Whole line inspection of PET bottles



Detail Introduction

1.  Bottle embryo inspection machine

Inspection content:
 Inside acquisition missing, outside missing, a point missing, whole missing, the bottle mouth deformation (bottle mouth is not round)

• Using a high-speed camera to acquire a bottle's acquisition mouth image, the processing speed is fast, up to 50000 BPH.
• Using a  touch screen, intuitive display.
• Specially made 15-inch bowl-shaped light source is adopted, the mouth of the bottle is uniformly light, and the utility model has the advantages of no dead angle, long service life, and energy saving.
• The inspection machine is stable, and the error rate is low.


Image processing process

2. Cap and liquid level inspection machine

Inspection content: high cover, crooked cover, no cover, safety fault, low level.

• Using a graphical man-machine interface is intuitive and concrete.
• The processing speed is fast, the inspection accuracy is high, and the fastest speed can reach 50000 BPH.
• Simple operation, easy to production line staff.
• Multi-angle inspection, no dead angle, less manual intervention, low false tick rate.
• Using high brightness LED light source, adjustable brightness, long life, energy saving, maintenance free.

3. Code inspection machine

Inspection content: no code, code positions code partly missing.

• The advanced algorithm is stable and has high detection accuracy •Detect different code positions.
• The maximum speed is up to 72000 BPH.


4. Label the inspection machine

Inspection content: high label, low label, no label, damaged label, connective label, label logo

• 360-degree inspection.
• Multi-view stitching and color recognition technology are more reliable.
• The maximum speed is up to 36000 BPH.

5. Cap pattern inspection machine

Inspection content: logo inspection, color inspection.

• Color recognition technology is used to inspect different caps accurately.
• Using self-developed algorithms, reliable inspection of the cap of the external logo, cap information, such as "thank you taste," "another bottle," and so on.
• The maximum speed is up to 60000BPH.

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