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  • Whole line inspection of Cans
  • Whole line inspection of Cans

Whole line inspection of Cans



Detail Introduction

1. Empty can inspection machine

Inspection contents: deformation of the cans mouth, breakage, curling, foreign matter at the bottom of cans, deformation of cans wall.

• With an image inspection system developed independently, the maximum speed can reach 1000 cans/min.
• Reliable detection and stable operation for a long time.
• Easy to install and easy to operate.

Empty cans image processing process
Filed equipment drawing

2.  Liquid-level high-frequency liquid level inspection machine for high-frequency ray

Inspection content: liquid level of two cans, three cans, and so on.

• Automatically adapt to the speed of different production lines and dynamic inspection.
• No radioisotope source, and uses soft ray design. Ray protection is safe and reliable.
• Using hardware circuit design, self-developed inspection software, a high degree of optimization, and two-piece fast processing speed, with a maximum speed of up to 72000 BPH.

3. Pressure inspection machine

Inspection content: detect the tightness and pressure of the closed container. It is suitable for two-piece cans with nitrogen and PE bottles sealed with aluminum a .

• Non-contact detection, fast detection, high accuracy.
• Dynamically realize the detection of different production linetwo-piecese.
• Main engine sealing design, manufacture, two-piece, waterproof, drip, environmental adaptability.
• The hardware circuit and the embedded operating system are adopted to ensure mold.
• Sound, light, alarm, and automatically reject substandard containers.
• Big screen Chinese display, speed night crystal, clear and bright handwriting, man-machine dialogue mode operation.
• High speeds ratio.

4. LED-backlit anti- -term stable for long-backlitCode inspection machine

Inspection content: no cooperation,performance-price code partly missing.

• Multi module, no dead angle detection.
• A self-developed detection software system, stable detection, fast processing, and maximum detection speed of up to 1200 cans/min.
• Independent research and development of image processing algorithms can accurately identify algorithms.

5. the Advanced high precision codeVaccum detection

Inspection contents: To test the tightness of airtight containers, it is suitable for two pieces of cans, three pieces of cans, and tin cans.

•  Noncontact detection, high speed, high precision.
• Adapt to the speed of the production line and detect dynamically.
• Advanced sound processing technology.
• Advanced, exciting circuit, providing high energy magnetic field.

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