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How to choose a printing and labeling machine for your products?

2021-09-01 10:55:37

The main purpose and functional characteristics of the real-time printing labeling machine

The real-time printing and labeling machine equipment are suitable for electronics, food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries to print in real-time and automatically and accurately position and label the flowing products to realize unmanned printing and labeling production. Then there is a brief explanation about its main purpose and functional characteristics in the following editor.

The main purpose of the real-time printing labeling machine:

Real-time information that can be printed includes production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting information, logistics information, sales channel information, barcodes, and variable information. Especially in the automatic identification of variable information, the printed information is real-time information automatically generated by computer communication control or other automated equipment. Real-time printing and labeling machine systems label printing and labeling are completed automatically, which improves work efficiency, reliability, immediacy, and accuracy and saves labor costs. It is also an ideal choice for the secondary and tertiary packaging labeling of the electronic supervision code.

Features of real-time printing labeling machine:

1. Thermal transfer ribbon printing technology, printing fonts, bar codes, and other information are clear and beautiful.

2. The printing content is flexible and variable, instant information, instant printing, instant labeling, convenient, intuitive, error-free, and convenient for inventory management.

3. Industry-specific printing engine, stable and long-term printing.

4. A variety of optional labeling methods: pneumatic, air blowing, corner labeling, direct labeling, etc., which can meet the labeling requirements of different occasions and positions.

5. It can be controlled via Ethernet or networked with the device to facilitate the transmission of various printing information.

6. Intelligent label management function, fault prompt alarm, and other functions.

7. Independently designed caster-type movable mounting bracket, beautiful and generous, convenient and flexible to adjust or move.


How to choose a printing and labeling machine for your products?

Here, the staff of the labeling machine manufacturer will share with you some factors that affect the model of the printing labeling machine. According to these factors, the printing labeling machine suitable for the product is framed.

We can choose the online printing and labeling machine according to the following aspects:

1. Choose the right labeling surface

Choose the appropriate labeling surface according to the requirements of supply chain management and the packaging attributes. The choice of labeling method of the automatic printing labeling machine depends on the goods. The labeling surface of the packaging box also depends on the conveying method of the conveying line. These factors directly determine the positioning and specifications of the header.

2. Design label format

Define label style templates (generally rolls) to design label sizes, barcode symbologies, fonts, pictures, etc.; define label formats and label data sources, and support complex data sources: ERP, OPC equipment, electronic scales, etc. Select the printing connection method: local printing, remote network, or command printing. These factors will directly determine the choice of the print engine. Of course, the performance and cost of the whole machine will be very different.

3. Choose the right ribbon

Choosing a good ribbon can ensure perfect printing results and extend the life of the print head. The types of ribbons include wax-based, resin and wax-based hybrids, and resins. I have shared relevant knowledge about ribbons with you before. You can check it out. At the same time, there are various color options to correspond to your application needs.

4. Choose the right label

Provide direct thermal labels and thermal transfer coated paper labels, synthetic paper labels, and other high-strength labels. These labels can best reflect the excellent performance of the automatic printing labeling machine. The right label is the perfect partner for instant print labeling machines.

Of course, there are still some factors that can help you choose. The above are some of the printing and labeling machine purchase methods provided by Hanyi Machinery.

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