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Application of Self-adhesive Labeling Machines in Food Industry

2021-12-20 12:09:42

Labeling and labeling characteristics of the food industry:   

The labeling accuracy requirements are general, and the requirements can be basically met according to the accuracy within ±2mm.

High requirements for aesthetics. The label mainly serves as an identification and decorative packaging. It is firmly attached and has no wrinkles. For example, the material of dairy product labels can be selected according to the particularity of the product.

Optional online coding devices can print production dates and batch numbers and other information on the label to realize the integration of labeling and coding. You can also use inkjet coding or laser coding directly on the product for the three-phase mark!

The labeling speed requirements are different, and the speed requirements of different outputs are inconsistent, and the models are required to be flexible and changeable to meet different production needs.
Applicable self-adhesive labeling machine: vertical round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine, double-sided self-adhesive labeling machine, round bottle-flat bottle multi-function self-adhesive labeling machine, and other automatic self-adhesive labeling machines.

If you also need to perform machine vision automated quality inspection on labeling or packaging products, you can directly discuss the plan with us, and we will provide you with a perfect overall solution!

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