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Advantages of online dynamic check weighing system

2022-11-23 12:38:43

Application of online dynamic check weigher:

Factory production, continuous packaging line automatic weight detection, and upper and lower limit discrimination. As an experienced check weigher manufacturer in China, Shanghai Hanyi's customizable check weighing system is widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, health products, daily chemicals, light industry, and other industries.


An in-line weighing inspection machine adopts a high-speed dynamic weight reading method for weighing and inspecting finished products. According to the set target weight value, the online dynamic check weighing system automatically detects whether the product's weight is qualified, whether the number of products in the box is missing, whether the manual or accessories are missing or overloaded, etc. The online dynamic weighing system will automatically issue an alarm or grade according to weight if unqualified products are found. It can cooperate with the subsequent assembly line to eliminate the chain reaction of defective products.


Use the online high accuracy check weigher to weigh and detect the products to be tested, the qualified products are returned to the original conveyor belt, the unqualified products are rejected (or alarmed), and the products have automatic classification statistical functions. There are no major changes to the original workflow of the packaging line throughout the inspection. The dynamic check weigher can save workforce and improve efficiency, controlling product quality and improving customer satisfaction. It is the best quality inspection equipment for automatic production and packaging lines.



Advantages of online dynamic check weighing system:


1. Strong practicability: high-resolution human-machine interface, simple and friendly operation, easy to use. A variety of product preset functions, changing product parameters with one click.


2. High stability: automatic dynamic zero tracking and anti-vibration algorithm, weighing data recognition is faster and more stable.


3. Convenient docking: online check weighing system is easy to integrate into the user's assembly line and produces data reports to understand the production status quickly. The dynamic online check weighing machine has the functions of data storage, output, and printing.


4. Simple and stable: Modular structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain, and clean. Stable and reliable.


5. High compatibility: customized according to the actual needs of customers, the online check weighing machine can be integrated with metal detectors, barcode scanners, labeling machines, automatic inkjet printers, automatic box sealing machines, inspection machines, etc.


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