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What You Must Know about Food Checkweigher

2022-10-19 09:49:42

Food check weighers can also be divided into various uses, such as for the check weighing of bottles, seafood, aquatic products, poultry, fruits, vegetables. Automatic weighing machines used in these industries can be called automatic food weighing machines.

All contact parts of the automatic food checkweigher are made of food-grade materials to ensure that the product is not contaminated and meets hygienic requirements. The working principle of the online automatic weighing machine is advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology, and the signal output is fast and accurate. The automatic weighing machine adopts an imported high-precision weighing sensor with high detection accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, and stable operation.

Features of food checkweigher:
1. The automatic zero-tracking system ensures the reliability of the detection data. Embedded temperature and noise compensation systems ensure system stability. After years of practical application verification by customers, our check weighers are stable and reliable.

2. High-precision digital load cell system, high-speed digital filter processing, and automatic zero tracking function ensure high-speed and high-precision check weighers.

3. Ensure that the actual weighing accuracy and speed are far superior to the check weighers of other similar manufacturers.

4. With 100 preset product parameters, free switching, user-friendly operating system design, and Multiple language versions can be selected witheasy to learn and operate.

5. Multi-password protection, system parameters, and product parameter settings are password-protected and can only be operated by management personnel.

6. Our high-accuracy food check weigher is easy to integrate into the user's production line, with production data reporting function, quick understanding of production status, data storage, output, and printing functions.

7. The multiple sensor protection can greatly improve the on-site use environment.


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