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Ten Notes on the Use of Cartoning Machines

2021-10-18 17:11:13

Choosing an expensive cartoning machine is not necessarily good. It's what suits you that counts.

So what factors should you look for when buying a cartoning machine? The following will help you analyze your cartoning machine's performance and what kind of service the supplier offers is best for you.


01 Choosing a cartoning machine based on your product

The cartoning machine you choose should be matched to your product. For example, if the product is free-flowing (granular or loose parts), you will want to choose a vertical cartoning machine. For products that can be loaded both vertically and horizontally, a horizontal machine is preferable. Most cartoning machines on the market are horizontal loading machines, which are more flexible and less costly than vertical cartoning machines.


02 Determining maximum cartoning speed

The first thing to check is whether the cartoning is done on the line or offline. For online speeds, dividing the maximum product production speed by the number of products packed in each carton is sufficient, considering the overload capacity (the possibility of increasing the production speed through new processes or technologies). For offline speed, determine the daily, weekly, or monthly transport quota, ensuring that a realistic number of days per week or hours per day is used to calculate how many cartons can be loaded per minute.


03 Choice of material

Do you use virgin cardboard (new fiber, more expensive) or recycled material (cheaper)? Poor quality material will affect the quality of the boxing. You also have to consider the design of the carton flaps and the gluing format. You need to prepare for this in advance, not when the equipment has already been delivered.


Cartoning Machine


04 Make use of the experience and knowledge of your suppliers

Do include your carton suppliers in your project team. You can benefit from organizing material experts and equipment experts together. Sometimes small changes in carton design, material, and coating can greatly improve the performance of the cartoning machine. Sometimes, you may optimize your carton design and save money by using thinner materials if the equipment supplier can design the equipment specifically for you.


05 After-sales service and training

After the machine has been installed at the factory, the supplier should continue to provide technical support. By knowing how many service technicians the supplier has, you can know how fast his service feedback is. If you are in a different area to the supplier, make sure you are in his service coverage area?

How long will it take?

Is there a technical service department (HelpDesk)?

Is it possible to call with technical questions?

Or to discuss the future performance of the equipment. Generally, when customers buy a new machine, they will need operator, maintenance, and electrical skills training, so choose a supplier that offers a full range of training services.


06 Ability to integrate with upstream and downstream equipment

This issue is often overlooked. The cartoning machine is usually located in the middle of the production line. It is important to ensure that the cartoning machine you buy can connect and communicate with upstream and downstream equipment. This is because a production line also includes a variety of other machines such as weighing and laminating machines, gluing machines, and unpacking and sealing machines. So when you buy a cartoning machine, make sure that your supplier knows how to integrate the line.


07 Delivery times

Customers nowadays demand fast delivery and, more importantly, they demand that the supplier delivers the machine within the agreed deadline. You can ask for the supplier's production schedule to ensure that all production steps, including design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring, and programming, are in process.


08 Replacement of spare parts

How can you make this changeover faster when you have to produce another size of the package? Are all your parts labeled and classified by color? Are all parts used in one size the same color? Don't forget to color-code your parts. Also, think about how you store and place these parts so that they are in their place and can be found when you are looking for them.


09 Don't forget spare parts

As soon as it is practical, you should ask your supplier to provide a Critical Spare Parts List and a Recommended Spare Parts List. Have these spare parts delivered with the machine so that if a fault occurs during the machine's start-up, you will be able to resolve it quickly? You will need to check both lists to see what parts you have and available from local suppliers.


10 Consider future needs

Will you be using larger packs or cluster packs in the future? If you choose a machine that can only produce two sizes, then you will need to buy a new machine in the future. Retrofitting can often be very expensive. Preparing for the future in advance and buying a machine with flexibility and potential will enable you to meet future production requirements.


The above is the precautions when using cartoning machine. Shanghai Han Yi is a professional manufacturer of cartoning machines. If you happen to need it, you can contact us at any time!

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