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Is This The Capsule Checkweigher You Want to Know About?

2022-10-14 18:06:34

A capsule checkweigher is a high-accuracy automatic weighing machine. It is used in the production line of pharmaceutical enterprises to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all capsules, detect the capsule weight in real-time, and automatically eliminate underweight and overweight unqualified capsules to ensure that the different limit of each capsule is not exceeded.

Capsule checkweigher is sensitive enough to detect weight changes, even when using only one sheet of paper, which means that packages without instructions will be found and rejected before they reach consumers. For medicines, this is critical, as a lack of instructions to ensure proper use can lead to product recalls that can damage brands and reputations. It can also have disastrous consequences for the end user.

capsule checkweigher

The High-accuracy Capsule Online Checkweigher can achieve accurate weighing and rejecting unqualified products, so that pharmaceutical companies can calmly respond to the drug management law and drug sampling management measures, and avoid being determined as inferior drugs due to different doses of a single capsule during quality sampling.

In the actual production process of pharmaceutical companies, there is still a problem in that the difference in capsule filling volume exceeds the standard. In order to prevent substandard products from entering the market and bringing huge risks to enterprises, more and more enterprises have introduced capsule weighing machines on the production line to provide technical support for the non-destructive weighing of capsules.

Capsule check weighing technology has the characteristics of high speed and high precision. The structure of the load cell is reasonable, the weighing is accurate and reliable, the vibrating corrugated plate is used for feeding, and the feeding speed of the capsule is fast. It can ensure that during normal operation, the dynamic weighing accuracy of each channel can be sampled without stopping, thus ensuring reliable and stable weighing at any time during the work. The photoelectric can set the time of N seconds to judge whether the object passes normally. If the photoelectricity is not triggered continuously for N minutes, the alarm will always be output, and a continuous level signal will be output.

Capsule check weighing technology

Automatic checkweigher can be widely used in pharmaceutical companies, food factories, beverage companies, health care products companies, daily chemicals, hardware and other industries. Product weighing in enterprise product testing is inseparable from automatic weighing machines.

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