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Fresh /Cooked food /Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Weighing, Pricing, and Labeling System Solutions

2022-07-19 13:16:36

How are the product labels, brand labels, price labels, epidemic prevention labels, etc. that we see on the products in the supermarkets or fresh stores put on the packaging?

For the above applications, the AUTOMATIC WEIGH-PRICE-LABELING SYSTEM is used, which is also the core of the entire industry chain. Enterprises realize the mutual cooperation of hardware and software through data management, and realize the detection and management of production efficiency.

As a manufacturer of Automatic weigh-price labelling machines in China, we are glad to share more information about this widely used WEIGHING, PRICING, AND LABELLING SYSTEM .

Automatic weigh-price labeling machines are specially designed for applications in the food processing and production industries.
The weigh-pricing, labeling and control systems have the advantage of a robust modular design and intuitive and simple operation.

Brief introduction of Fully automatic weighing price labelling machine:

1. System logic process

The weighing, pricing and labeling machine is a weighing, printing and labeling machine, which needs to weigh, print and label each product. Before production starts, the Automatic weigh-price labelling machines needs to obtain the current product production weight information from the weighing machine, and send the industrial computer software system according to the weight information. The software system receives the weight information, and at the same time sends the product name, batch, production date and other information to the printer, and then the PLC controls the printer to print and label.

2. System Structure

The whole system structure of the fully automatic weighing price labelling machine is divided into weighing part, printing part and labeling part.
1). The weighing machine sends weight information
Send weight information through serial port or network port, realized by weighing machine.
2). Printing software system control
Mainly responsible for receiving weighing machine data, printing template editing, content production, etc., and sending the printing data to the printer.
3). Labeling machine printing and labeling
It mainly prints the label automatically, and sticks the label to the designated position of the product through the cylinder-type and air-blown labeling hand.

3. Character, barcode, two-dimensional code encoding

Compatible with mainstream font libraries in the international market, and local font libraries can also be added.

4. Interface list

1). Weighing machine weight information acquisition interface;
RS232 serial port or network port communication.

2). Printer interface
RS232 serial port, USB or network port communication;
Via Zebra official driver or ZPL command language.

3). Labeling machine PLC
RS232 serial port or network port communication.

4). Industrial computer
Install WINDOW genuine system, mainly WIN7 and 10.

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