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Common Problems and Solutions of Self-adhesive Labeling Machines

2022-01-21 17:11:52

Whether it is commodities, food, fast-moving consumer goods and other industries, self-adhesive labeling machines must be one of the indispensable roles in the automatic assembly line operation of the packaging industry. 

So how much do you know about self-adhesive labeling machines? What is the accuracy of labeling machines of various models? Such as: flat labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, horizontal way labeling machine, side labeling machine, double sides labeling machine, online printing and labeling machine, etc. Due to the different prices of self-adhesive labeling machines, the self-adhesive labeling machines manufacturers cannot give the same answer.


Our company is a self-adhesive labeling machines manufacturer, dedicated to the production and research and development of various types of labeling machines. And the labeling machine can achieve accurate labeling of ±0.5mm, and the excellent performance is full of praise from the packaging industry at home and abroad.

The self-adhesive labeling machine works quickly in the automated production line, which not only saves costs during labeling, but also uses the diversified performance of the labeling machine to adapt to the development of various production environments. With the different packaging products, self-adhesive labeling machines are also divided into various models and customized types, which solve the urgent needs of major industries. Of course, some small problems or minor faults are inevitable during the use of the labeling machine, so our engineers list some common faults and countermeasures to let everyone learn from each other.


1. The label is broken. This kind of problem often occurs during the operation of the labeling machine, that is, the label is damaged during the pulling process. The problem of scratches, once there is a label that is easy to break, should be controlled. Only when the quality of the label is guaranteed, can the self-adhesive labeling machine work better.

2. Deviation. long-term operation of the self-adhesive labeling machine without maintenance, everyone knows what the self-adhesive labeling machine equipment uses to fix and debug the gap? In that case, there will naturally be deviations, the label will go off, or the direction will be unstable, the traction will slip, and the packaging materials will not be in place. When encountering this kind of problem, pay attention to righting the label, so that the label can walk on the right path, adjust the inclination of the label, realize parallel labeling, labeling error, the deviation of the edge position in the production process of the packaging material, It needs to be carefully controlled. Only by ensuring the quality of the material can the problem of deviation be completely solved.

3.Continuous labeling. When the self-adhesive labeling machine is working, it often encounters the situation of continuous labeling. If the adjustment of the electric eye still cannot solve the problem, it has exceeded the scope of application. At this time, it should be noted that whether the label is biased , the electric eye cannot detect the existence of the label at all, and the position can only be detected if the position is adjusted accurately.


4.In the traction speed, it should also be noted that on the control panel of the labeling machine, there are the maximum labeling speed and the minimum speed, so as to ensure the quality of the labeling, the speed can be adjusted. When problems are encountered and solved in time, the small faults in the labeling process can be effectively solved.


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