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Common labeling methods of top surface labeling machine

2022-09-21 20:25:37

Nowadays, the progress of top surface labeling machines starts from various aspects such as customer needs and sales market modifications and combines a large number of new technologies and high functions with the advantages of the previous development trend of top surface self-adhesive labeling machines.

At this stage, the variety and function of the automatic top surface labeling applicators have been gradually improved, and the technical strength has also been improved step by step. Now, the technology has changed from manual and automatic labeling to automatic technology rapid labeling. In the flat labeling machine technological development has won the general recognition of competition in the same industry all over the world, and the products are gradually exported to all countries in the world.

Common labeling methods of top surface labeling machine

Since the labeling methods of automatic self-adhesive labelers are different, customers need to choose according to their own time conditions. As a leading labeling machine manufacturer in China, we will explain three common labeling methods to you today:

1. Uniform speed product feeding and labeling: The turning point of the labeling machine's working process is that the box moves to the labeling machine at a consistent speed in the conveyor belt. Fixed installations on the mechanical equipment space the boxes at fixed distances and push the boxes along the conveyor belt. The mechanical structure of the labeling machine includes a drive wheel.

2. Intermittent label feeding and labeling: the driving wheel drags the label tape intermittently, and the labeling wheel will press the label tape on the box.

3. Labeling at the same speed: The label is affixed to the box when the labeling wheel moves at the same speed as the box. When the conveyor belt reaches a specific direction, the label belt drive wheel will accelerate to the speed of pairing with the conveyor belt, and after the label is attached, the gear will be shifted to interrupt.

Labeling at the same speed

The top surface labeling machine is divided into two categories: top surface labeling machine with a printer or without a printer. The top surface printing and labeling machine can print the label content in real-time, and then paste it on the product that needs to be labeled. The specific function, size, speed, etc. of the top surface printing and labeling machine can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.

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