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Common Labeling Methods of Self-adhesive Labeling Machines

2022-09-16 15:51:20

Applicable industries include pharmaceuticals, food, light industry, daily chemicals and other industries. The self-adhesive labeling machine can automatically complete the bottle separation, label feeding, synchronous separation of labels, labeling and automatic printing of batch numbers.

Our self-adhesive sticker labeling machine adopts the technology of mechatronics and adopts advanced systems such as a high-torque stepper motor drive and photoelectric control device power protection device. Therefore, it has the technical characteristics of high overall sensitivity of the starting buffer function, large low-speed torque, stable speed, stable working voltage, and strong anti-interference ability.

self-adhesive sticker labeling machine

As a professional labeling machine manufacturer, we are happy to share with you several common labeling methods for labeling machines today.

1. Automatic self-adhesive labeler "suction method" (or "air suction method")
The current more common labeling technology, when the label paper leaves the conveyor belt, is distributed on the vacuum pad and connected to the end of a mechanical device. When the mechanism extends until the label comes into contact with the package and contracts back, the label is then attached to the package. This technology reliably achieves correct labeling with high precision. This method is very suitable for top labeling of product packages with a certain change in height, or for side labeling of difficult-to-move packages. But its labeling speed is slower.

2. Blowing and sticking method" (or "jet method") of self-adhesive labeling machine
Some of the ways these technique works are similar to the suction method described above, where the label is placed on the vacuum surface pad until the application action begins. In this method, however, the vacuum surface remains stationary, and the label is fixed and positioned on a "vacuum grid", which is a flat surface with hundreds of small holes in it.
These small holes are used to maintain the formation of "air jets". These "air jets" blow out a burst of compressed air with a strong pressure that moves the label on the vacuum grid, allowing it to attach to the packaged item. This is a complex technology with high precision and reliability.

self-adhesive labeling machine

3. Self-adhesive labeling machine "wipe method" (or "brush method")
The third labeling method is called the simultaneous labeling method, which can also be called "wipe and stick", "brush sticking" or "contact sticking method". The product takes away the label as soon as the leading edge portion of the label adheres to the package during labeling. In this type of labeling machine, this method can only be successful if the package passing speed is consistent with the label dispensing speed. This is a technology that needs to maintain continuous operation, so its labeling efficiency is greatly improved, and it is mostly suitable for high-speed and high-speed automated pharmaceutical packaging production lines.

In addition, the second set of devices such as brushes or rollers is indispensable for the complete and proper requirements of the label application. Among the above three methods of self-adhesive labeling machines, the first and second methods are often used for the labeling of wet-adhesive labels, and the third method is mainly used for the labeling of self-adhesive labels. Now it has entered the era of intelligence, In this era, all walks of life are advocating intelligent and automated production. Traditional enterprises are also transforming like intelligent production, and automatic labeling machines are essential.

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