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Case Sharing --- 500ml Mineral Water PET Bottle Filling Production Line with Capacity of 4000 Bottles/hour

2021-11-09 15:37:25

Recently, the 500ml mineral water PET bottle filling production line with a production capacity of 4,000 bottles/hour starts operation in our customer's workshop that produces bottled mineral water.


It is a six-in-one production line, mainly used to produce non-gas beverages such as mineral water and purified water in polyester bottles. This solution can complete washing, filling, capping, labeling, coding, and packaging in one go.


The production line has a unique design, complete functions, strong adaptability, and convenient operation. With a beautiful appearance and a high degree of automation, it is one of the ideal filling equipment.


Process flow:

bottle water filling machine

As following are some pictures taken from the video of the actual production process:










1. The filling production line adopts the design of bottleneck suspension operation mode so that the bottle is stable and reliable under high-speed operation. At the same time, the number of changing parts is greatly reduced, making it more convenient and quicker to change the bottle type.


2. A new generation of stainless steel flip-type bottle clamps are used to make the clamps do not touch the part above the thread of the bottle mouth, and there is a spray head to make the inner wall of the bottle flush sufficiently without dead ends.


3. Adopt advanced gravity filling principles to realize fast, stable, and accurate filling.


4. Adopt magnetic torque type capping head, the capping torque is a step-less adjustment, and the sealing is tight and reliable without damaging the cap.


5. The whole machine adopts man-machine interface touch screen buttons, PLC computer control. It is equipped with missing cover and overload protection alarm devices to detect and eliminate faults in time.


6. The parts in contact with water are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the main electrical components are all made by internationally renowned manufacturers.


7. The direct transportation between the systems makes the most important cleaning, filling, and capping complete in one go, avoiding secondary pollution after washing and filling.


8. Adopt a high-quality sleeve labeling machine, inkjet printer, shrink packer, perfectly cooperate to complete the entire production process.


9. Easy to install, use and maintain.


10. It saves space, improves the utilization rate of the workshop, has a high degree of automation, and effectively saves the workforce.

The machine configuration can be selected according to the parameters of the target products. At the same time, we can provide unique solutions and customize them according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us!

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