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Automatic Plane Sealing Self-adhesive Labeling Machine for Sealing Labeling of Boxed or Bottled Products

2022-02-15 11:42:35

Application of plane sealing and labeling machine

Many commodities, especially boxed or bottled commodities, need to be sealed with labels. The patterns on the labels can be trademarks or anti-counterfeiting marks, or sealing labels, which mainly play the role of anti-tampering to ensure the originality of the products.

Today, as a labeling machine manufacturer, we recommend a plane sealing labeling machine for you, which can be applied to various products such as boxed or bottled and is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and other industries.

Main Features

1. Application range is wide. The adjustment mechanism and labeling position can be adjusted at will for the plane sealing of boxed or bottled products. Other products outside the range can be customized according to customer samples.
2. The labeling method of this equipment is scraping, rotating linear labeling.
3. Labeling control system: adopts a high-precision servo labeling system, fast labeling speed, high precision, and stable work: multi-function operation interface, flexible conversion between Chinese and English interfaces.
4. Label inspection system: the ultrasonic photoelectric sensor is used to automatically detect the stop position and label length, which is stable and convenient. The one-key setting does not need to be adjusted.
5. Alarm function: when equipment has failure such as a missing label or broken label during the production process, it will alarm and stop, and the alarm method can be selected;
6. Simple operation and maintenance.
7. Compact design, convenient for the movement and placement of the equipment.
8. It can save 2-3 labors for the company.

As follows, we share with you a video of plane sealing labeling of bottled products in Cosmetics Industries.


Our advantages:

1. Customized machine based on special requests.
2. Top-level performance.
3. Well-known components.
4. Competitive price.
5. Fast response regarding pre-sales and after-sales.

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