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Laundry Liquid Filling Production Line

2022-08-02 10:03:36

Automatic servo filling machine

The picture is for reference only

Suitable for liquid with concentration and viscosity.

Product description:

The automatic filling machine is driven by Siemens servo motor to drive the synchronous movement of the piston connecting rod to achieve the filling effect. Under the calculation and control of Siemens PLC, the man-machine dialogue interface realizes linear stepless speed regulation conveying, and the filling can be adjusted arbitrarily. Capacity, can be equipped with pneumatic capping or capping device. Form a multi-station, one-machine, multi-functional production line. The filling machine assembly line integrates machine, electricity and gas, with unique design, complete functions, stable performance, high quality and beautiful appearance.


Technical characteristics:

1. The unique multi-filling head and suck-back system designed for non-drip, ensure that the production site and packaged products are not contaminated by liquid materials.

2. Using Siemens' man-machine interface touch control screen greatly facilitates the adjustment of parameters and the testing of various functions.

3. High filling accuracy, comprehensive filling error ≤10g.

4. The height of the bottle can be adjusted according to needs, and the adjustment is simple, fast and accurate.

5. The filling nozzle has a canopy type or a straight flush type for filling with different liquid properties, and the canopy type is suitable for liquid materials that are easy to foam.

6. The stepless regulator can adjust the speed of the stainless steel conveyor belt and flexibly coordinate the synchronization of multiple processes.

7. Pneumatic capping device has wide applicability. Pneumatic capping is designed with different specifications and different shapes. The screw head can be replaced to adapt to the capping of various caps.

8. The main pneumatic and electrical components are imported accessories to ensure stable system performance and excellent quality.

9. With pause and forced stop functions, it is convenient for emergency handling in any situation




Model number








Number of filling heads








Filling capacity



 Production capacity (bottles/hour)








Filling accuracy



Power supply

50HZ/60HZ   3N-380V  土  10%


Power consumption



Equipped with air source pressure



Work pressure


 Note: The productivity is based on a 4 liter bottle and the inlet pressure is 0.45-0.7 MPa


Automatic capping machine

The picture is for reference only


The automatic capping machine is a product that integrates the characteristics of domestic and foreign capping machines, learns from each other's strengths, and carries out in-depth development and perfection. The automatic capping machine adopts the friction type capping type, which is convenient to adjust. The capping speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the user's output.

It is more efficient than the claw capping machine. This machine has a reasonable design, compact structure, high capping efficiency, no slipping and breakage of the bottle cap, no fraying of the bottle body, stability and reliability, long service life, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The products are in full compliance with the requirements of GMP regulations. The automatic capping machine is widely used in medicine, food, chemical and other industries.

Applicable specifications


Rotating (rolling) cover rate


Power supply


Power Consumption

1.2 kw

Applicable specifications for machine net weight

400 kg



Production capacity



Economical inkjet printer

Economical inkjet printer

Using quick-drying ink, excellent adhesion, suitable for the surface of various materials, such as film, glass, metal, plastic, PE, PVC, paper, wood, rubber, etc. In addition, for the requirements of different industries, we provide different inks, including standard inks, pigment inks, edible inks, gasoline-resistant inks, UV inks, etc.

Basic technical parameters

1.   Printing ink: black, blue, red, yellow and other colors can be selected

2.   Ink consumption: can print 70 million characters/liter (5×7)

3.   Temperature range: 5-45℃

4.   Humidity range: below 90%

5.   Gross weight of the whole machine: 30KG

6.   Dimensions: 246×338×550mm

7.   Power requirements: AC220V 50HZ 100VA

8.   Number of printing lines: 1~3 lines

9.   Printing dot matrix: 6, 8.10, 12, 16, 24 dot matrix font, any dot matrix within 24×24

10. Chinese fonts: 16×16 Simplified Song, Traditional Song, Simplified Black, Simplified Kai, 24×24 Simplified Song and 32 dot matrix customization

11. Storage information: 1000 pieces of printing information can be stored

12. Printing speed: 900 characters/sec (5×7)

13. Printing height: 1.5mm~20mm adjustable, maximum width can be 9 times

14. Operation interface: Chinese menu display, with own graphic editing function

15. Chinese support: built-in international first and second Chinese character libraries

16. Chinese input: Pinyin input method, location input method, code input method

17. Printing content: automatic printing date, time, batch number, serial number, etc.

18. Printing materials: metal, plastic, glass, wood, pipelines and building materials surfaces can be printed

19. Printing distance: maximum 20mm from the nozzle to the surface of the object

Automatic two-sides labeling machine

Picture for reference only

Main performance and characteristics:

►Suitable for automatic double-sided labeling of flat, square and round bottle products in food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industries.

►One machine with multiple functions, equipped with Siemens plc touch screen, Siemens servo motor and servo driver, and suitable for square and flat bottles. It can be used as a stand-alone device, but also can be used on-line.

►Advanced and friendly man-machine interface system, simple and intuitive operation, complete functions, with rich online help functions

►One machine can complete four types (square bottle, flat bottle, round bottle, special-shaped bottle), multiple specifications of double side labeling

►Designed for flat, square and other surface irregularities and curved bottles to ensure labeling accuracy and effect

→Double-sided chain correction device to ensure the neutrality of the bottle

→Special elastic top pressure device to ensure the stability of the bottle body

►More configuration options→Sync hot coding machine, complete coding and labeling simultaneously

→Transparent label sensor


Label speed:4 0-60 pieces/min (related to material and label size)

Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm (excluding material and label size)

Label size: (L) 20-300mm (H) 10-180mm

 Material size: (W) 20-200mm (H) 40-300mm

Applicable label roll inner diameter: φ76mm

Applicable label roll outer diameter: maximum Φ350mm

Machine size: (L) 2400X (W) 1400X (H) 1700 (mm)

Power consumption: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1200W


Tape sealing machine


It is suitable for packaging and carton sealing of various industries such as food, wine, medicine, daily necessities, light industry, chemical industry, etc. This carton sealing machine can be used for sealing operations alone, or it can be matched with filling and bundling. The use of assembly line is the equipment necessary for packaging standard assembly line operations.


Sealing capacity: 18 boxes/min

Tape width: 48, 60 (mm)

Minimum box size:150x90(mm)

Maximum box size:500x750(mm)

Equipped with power supply:220V50HZ

Workbench height: 550-750mm


Weight: 130KG

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