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Case Sharing --- Hanyi Inkjet Printer in Customer Factory

2021-10-20 16:03:28

Recently, Hanyi has sold several units of inkjet printers to one customer.


This type inkjet printer has following features:

1.Using 8-inch full-color screen touch control system

2. Ink circuit and circuit are fully upgraded, modular design

3.Equipped with fault intelligent reminder light

4.With timing stop ink shutdown function

5.Storage: can store 1000 pieces of printing information

6. Remote communication (optional)


Picture in customer factory:

Inkjet Printer


For the requirements of different industries, we provide different inks, including standard inks, pigment inks, edible inks, gasoline-resistant inks, UV inks, etc.

Hanyi main product range: automated labeling solution, inkjet printers, filling and capping systems and cartonzing system.

If you want to learn about other products, you can check out our previous articles and product columns. Or you can contact us directly.

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