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Automatic Liquid Filling Production Line Equipment Composition and Its Work Flow

2021-11-01 16:28:05

The automatic liquid filling line refers to the production line composed of the liquid filling production process, which is composed of a series of mechanical equipment and completes a series of steps and procedures.


Automatic liquid filling production line equipment composition: conveyor, bottle washing machine, dryer, automatic filling machine for liquid, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, etc.


Not all liquid filling production lines use all of this equipment, but according to different product needs, the mechanical equipment needed for the filling production line is increased or decreased accordingly. The conveyor is the link that runs through the entire production line.


The workflow of the automatic liquid filling production line: 
bottle washing→bottle drying→filling→capping→labeling→coding




First, put the empty bottles on the conveyor belt, from the conveyor belt to the bottle washing machine for bottle washing. The bottle washing machine is mainly determined by the number of filling heads of the filling machine. For example, the filling machine has eight filling heads. Then the corresponding bottle washing machine has eight washing positions.


After the bottles are washed, the bottles are conveyed to the dryer by the conveyor for disinfection and drying. Then the bottles are conveyed to the filling machine. The bottles are filled after positioning. After that, they are sent to the capping machine for sealing. And the last step is labeling and coding. This is the entire workflow of the automatic filling machine for liquid.


Because of the different products and the different needs of customers, the automatic liquid filling machine production line does not have standardized mechanical equipment. Generally, it is customized according to the individual needs of customers.

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