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Automatic Combo Checkweigher & Printing & Labeling All-in-one Machine Widely Used in Food Industry

2022-04-07 16:17:30

Weight information is one of the important attributes of product packaging and logistics packaging, so weight measurement and review are usually essential operations.

Online weighing, printing and labeling all-in-one machines are widely used in packaging line labeling in food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industries. It can improve labeling efficiency, reduce labor costs, and print label information in real time to eliminate human errors and provide logistics in various industries. QR code label printing for monitoring applications and product quality traceability provides an effective implementation tool.

Hanyi Automatic Combo Checkweigher & Printing & Labeling All-in-one Machine integrates automatic conveying and rejecting unit, automatic weighing unit, automatic bar code recognition unit, automatic printing and labeling unit and packaging data background processing software. It is a digital packaging tool for future manufacturing.

It is composed of static belt scale or roller scale (weighing range 0~100kg, weighing accuracy ±1/1000), Hanyi printing and labeling machine, fixed bar code scanner and industrial control computer.
There are direct connection type, printing template type, and printing software system type, which can be flexibly used in production and packaging lines, and support standard communication interfaces such as Ethernet, serial port and parallel port. And customized printing software system can be provided according to the actual needs of customers. The print engine adopts the American Zebra brand.
The flexible installation method can be designed according to the actual space of the customer, and the overall material of the equipment has reached the international standard.


Smart labeling arm:
Heavy-duty three-dimensional adjustment bracket, flexible adjustment can be positioned to any number of labeling positions.
The maximum labeling speed can be up to 60pcs/minute.
Printing accuracy: 300dpi.
Positioning accuracy: ± 0.5mm.
Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm.
Suitable for PCB surface mount system or product multi-label top labeling.


Smart labeling head:
Air blowing labeling board, which can blow labels to the labeling surface without contact.
Rotating labeling plate is optional, which can be automatically positioned to different labeling angles.
Label drop detection sensor and labeling pressure sensor are optional.
Automatically detect and trigger the printing and labeling operations.
Check the accuracy of the content and position of the label before or after labeling each time.


Printing control software system:
Rack-mounted industrial control computer PC, which realizes intelligent labeling action control, motion control and data processing.
The printing control software system can configure the labeling process data such as product, bar code, label and location, and automatically control and record the operation of the printing labeling machine.
Edit the bar code label format and data source.
Real-time communication with upper-level systems such as SHOPFLOW, MES, ERP or PLM.
Communicate with upstream and downstream equipment to maintain a stable production rhythm.

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