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15 Advantages of Fully Automatic Labeling Machines

2021-10-26 10:48:54

With the innovation of industrial technology, many labeling machines have emerged and are preferred by many customers. Different labeling machines can only be applied to different periods of packaging needs. If the packaging industry is faced with an unchanging posture, the result will be elimination. This also requires labeling machine companies must keep up with the times and maintain innovation to face the increasingly fierce market competition. Why is the labeling machine so popular? What are the advantages of an automatic labeling machine?

An automatic labeling machine is the labeling equipment that will automatically paste the label on the object. The different labels are divided into a self-adhesive labeling machine and a paste labeling machine. Self-adhesive labeling machines come with their glue, are peeled off by the self-adhesive labeling machine, and stuck on the object. Paste labeling machines are paper-based without glue and are coated by the paste labeling machine, which then applies the label to the object.

The size and footprint of fully automatic labeling machines are small, saving pharmaceutical companies on workshop infrastructure costs. Compared to manual labeling, automatic labeling machines require less human resources and workshop space for uninterrupted work and have high productivity and return efficiency, saving material costs. In addition, the automatic labeling machine labeling accuracy is also very high, basically no errors. The automatic labeling machine is easy to operate, convenient, and easy to clean. Automatic labeling machine corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, there is a long service life, and the parts are structurally sturdy. Industry insiders say that the emergence of fully automatic labeling machines has simplified the previous production process.

automatic labeling machine


1. Clutch design

The clutch design makes the label tensioning force more stable and easy to improve the labeling accuracy.

2. Interface control system

The colorful human-machine interface control system is currently more advanced.

3. Unique control system with high reliability

The control system is unique and very reliable to use

4. Simple structure

Automatic labeling machine structure is simple and compact, easy to operate and maintain

5. Can be retrofitted

You can choose to add a ribbon marking machine or thermal transfer machine




6. Wide application surface

Suitable for the bottom plane, curved surface, concave surface labeling, and high precision

7. Liberate productivity and improve labor conditions

Automatic labeling machines can free workers from the tension and heavy repetitive work, and simultaneously can avoid and reduce contact with highly toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, humidity, dust, these factors harmful to the health of workers, to improve working conditions.

8. Improve production efficiency, promote product packaging updates and diversification

Automatic labeling machine production capacity is generally more than ten times than the manual increase, or even dozens of times, no doubt the product packaging pattern update plays a pivotal role.

9. Improve product packaging hygiene, improve product quality and enhance the competitiveness of market sales

Self-adhesive labels are clean, hygienic, and resistant to peeling, a major advancement in label development. The use of automatic labeling machines for labeling production reduces the exposure to excessive manual operations, for example, in pharmaceutical and medicine production. In the manual packaging process, some powder and liquid materials are prone to escape, blistering, splashing phenomenon, with mechanical equipment, will not appear this situation. Labeling machine labeling effect of high precision, the appearance of the product is beautiful, neat, uniform, tight seal, thus improving the quality of product packaging, improving the competitiveness of the product market sales, and obtaining high economic benefits.

10. Can save materials, reduce costs and protect the environment

The use of labeling machinery production can fundamentally label waste, labor costs to a lower cost, cost savings, and automatic labeling machines. The label waste phenomenon is fundamentally solved, and save the material, reduce waste, protect the environment.


11. Reduce the labeling site area, saving infrastructure investment

Products using manual labeling, if you want to complete the same amount of production, the need for more workers, the process is not compact, the operation covers an area of large, infrastructure investment. With an automatic labeling machine, the supply of products and packaging materials is more concentrated. The packaging process is compact. Some can use three-dimensional operation, thus reducing the packaging area and saving infrastructure investment.

12. High efficiency, low cost

Automatic labeling machine machinery is a modern electromechanical integration product, fundamentally changed the manual labeling efficiency is low, labeling quality is not the high situation. The use of automatic labeling machine machinery not only packaging the production output but also in the input cost is greatly reduced, increasing the vitality of manufacturer's production.

13. Convenient and reliable, easy to manage

Automatic labeling machine excellent and reliable work performance, self-adhesive automatic labeling machine with clean and hygienic, not vertical automatic labeling machine mold, labeling after the beautiful, firm, will not fall off by themselves and other advantages. Equipment operation is simple. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, one or two automatic labeling equipment will meet their output needs. Compared to the original management of several workers labeling, automatic labeling machine undoubtedly has excellent ease of management and convenience.

14. Wide range of applications and uses

Automatic labeling machine machinery to meet the labeling needs of all walks of life, such as wine, chemicals, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, electronics, hardware, cosmetics, plate and other industries, labeling types, and functions are also diverse, can be stickers, anti-counterfeit labels, paste labels, paste bar codes, film, etc... The emergence of a fully automatic labeling machine, making the previous manual labeling film and other impossible processes become simple and feasible.

15. High performance and better cost performance

Automatic labeling machines can meet the work requirements of the above industries, in addition to the labeling speed, high accuracy of the significant features, and long service life. Labeling equipment generally has a service life of about 8-10 years.


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