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  • Modular Mini 14 Head Weigher HY-MHC-1A14
  • Modular Mini 14 Head Weigher HY-MHC-1A14
  • Modular Mini 14 Head Weigher HY-MHC-1A14
  • Modular Mini 14 Head Weigher HY-MHC-1A14

Modular Mini 14 Head Weigher HY-MHC-1A14



Detail Introduction

Scope of application

It is suitable for weighing small particles such as traditional Chinese medicine drinks, tea, seeds, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, coffee beans, chocolate beans, condiments, etc.


Main Features

◆ Can store 100 sets of parameters.
◆ Factory parameter setting recovery function.
◆ High-precision digital load cell to achieve precise weighing.
◆ The weighing hopper has an independent control mode, and the amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation to make the feeding more uniform.
◆ It can be automatically paused when there is no material to make the weighing more stable.
◆ The driver board and AD module can be replaced arbitrarily. It is common to different models without manual numbering, and the replacement is more convenient.
◆ The new aluminium box makes the weighing more accurate and more beautiful.
◆ Friendly man-machine interface, similar to mobile phone operation icons, easy to understand.
◆ The machine has a powerful self-checking function, realizes closed-loop detection, can detect abnormal conditions of each node in real-time, and display it on the man-machine interface in real-time.
◆ The software is versatile and compatible, and different models use the same control system.


Technical parameters


Tech Parameter

Reference Picture
















Modular mini 14 head weigher HY-MHC-1A14

Single dump capacity: 5-200g

Avg.Weighing Accuracy: 0.1-1.0g (depends on your material specification)

Weighing Speed: 10-120 bags/min 

Hopper volume: 500ml

Normal Control Panel: 7" touch screen

Control System: MCU (modular)

Preset Programs: 100 


Driving System: step motor

Frame structure: 304SS plain plate

Packing Dimension: 1200(L)x980(W)x980(H)mm

Gross WG: 250kg





◇ Drive board and AD card can be changed freely between different weighers, and AD card no need number by manual, replace it more convenient.  

◇Friendly HMI, similar to mobile phone operation icons, make operation more easily and simple. 

◇Weighers with a strong self-checking function, can realize the closed-loop testing, real-time detect abnormalities in each node, and real-time display in the human-machine interface.

◇ The optimization algorithm is larger than the traditional algorithm when weighing big weight, and faster speed.

◇The software versatility, strong compatibility, and different weighers using the same control system.



Independent drive board 

 Independent drive board




Modular AD cards

Modular AD cards





Friendly HMI 

Friendly HMI





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