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  • Automatic High Speed Rotary Cold Glue Labeler
  • Automatic High Speed Rotary Cold Glue Labeler
  • Automatic High Speed Rotary Cold Glue Labeler
  • Automatic High Speed Rotary Cold Glue Labeler

Automatic High Speed Rotary Cold Glue Labeler

The box body of the labeling station can be adjusted in multiple directions to adapt to the labeling of various bottle types and trademarks.



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Place of Origin China
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Paypal
Supply Ability 1000
Delivery Detail 3days--7days
Packaging Details Wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' require

Detail Introduction

Main features

1. Frequency conversion circuit, the main reducer adopts the form of conjoined motor, which makes the power more stable and the speed change more convenient;
2. The frame and panel of the labeling machine are covered with stainless steel, and the support of the labeling machine is made of stainless steel, which meets the hygienic requirements for the production of products with corrosion;
3. The rotary table of the labeling machine adopts a waterproof structure with strong anti-penetration ability; the tray can be disassembled and assembled independently, which is convenient for maintenance;
4. The design of the bottle replacement parts is reasonable, and the disassembly and assembly are fast(it only takes 25 minutes to replace the whole set);
5. The box body of the labeling station can be adjusted in multiple directions to adapt to the labeling of various bottle types and trademarks;
6. The new structure of the cover plate of the standard station ensures the stable operation of the standard plate shaft and the rubber roller, so that the labeling effect is more guaranteed;
7. The new structure glue roller seat assembly, the glue scraper automatically adjusts the glue thickness
according to the actual situation, effectively saves the glue amount and ensures that the label is in the best glue state;
8. The standard box assembly has a reasonable structure and is easy to assemble and disassemble.
The guide rod in the form of a thread can be used to fine-tune the standard box, and the adjustment of the label height is simple and fast;
9. With a variety of detection functions, it can realize that there is no bottle without the label, and the label paper will never be wasted.

Technical Parameters

Synchronization requirements for the connection of the product to the conveying system:

1. The labeling machine does not have conveyor chain plates and conveyor belt power. The labeling
machine is embedded in the user's production line, and the user's own conveyor chain plate passes
through the labeling machine. The frequency converter of the labeling machine outputs the signal to the
power passing through the conveyor belt section of the labeling machine, so as to realize the
synchronous control of the speed of the conveyor belt and the running speed of the labeling machine.
2. The conveying system in the front and rear sections of the labeling machine must retain enough
bottle storage to ensure the stable operation of the labeling machine. The conveying system between
the labeling machine and the pre-process equipment should be no less than 6 meters, and there should
be no extrusion between the bottles.
3. The conveying system connected with the labeling machine adopts the power: power: 1.1KW~ 1.5KW, without the motor with mechanical speed regulation. The conveying power is controlled by the
frequency converter of the labeling machine, so that the conveying speed is synchronized with the speed
of the labeling machine.

Requirements for other relevant materials used

Label material: single-coated paper label (rough gluing surface);
Label paper status: label paper is flat;
The label is formed by mechanical cutting, and the edges are free of burrs and neat;
The thickness of the label is uniform, it is flat in the label box, and there is no curling phenomenon.

Label grams:

1) 80-90 grams of U-oil coated paper;
2) Coated paper 105~110g

Water absorption requirements of label paper (wet water test):

1) The label starts to curl ≥ 6 seconds after it is wet;
2) The time it takes for the label to curl from the beginning to curling into a tube is ≥10 seconds

Label Tensile Resistance:

On a paper tape with a width of 125mm, its tensile strength is 24N, and the wet strength is about 30% of the dry tensile strength.resilience;

Label packaging and storage:

Each stack of labels is wrapped in moisture-proof paper, stored with moisture-proof measures, and must be kept dry when used.

Tensile Strength of Labels:

On 15mm wide paper tape, its tensile strength is 24N, wet strength is about 30% of dry tensile strength,
label size error: ±0.5m.
The fiber direction of the label paper should be perpendicular to the axis direction of the bottle, and the correct curl direction after water absorption is required as follows:

Glue adhesive requirements: 
1) The adhesive adopts water-soluble glue (white latex) suitable for PET bottle labeling, with strong initial 
viscosity, stable performance, non-toxic and non-corrosive, high solid content and good viscosity; 
2)Glue drying time: short

Packaging container requirements: 
1) The labeling surface is flat and not oily. 
2) PET bottle verticality: ±1mm 
3) Keep the bottle dry

Air source: 
1) Stable compressed air pressure: 0.35~0.5Mpa 
2) Dry and clean (the air source needs to be filtered before entering the labeling machine)

Main components configuration

Part NameMaterial selection or brand
Main transmission reducerKONE
Labeling plate structureAluminum standard plate
Load breaker or circuit breakerSCHNEIDER
Proximity sensorCONTRINEX
DC stabilized power supplyMIBBO
Power supply cabinetStainless steel structure (under-mounted)
Countertop guards304 film sanding stainless steel, thickness≥1.0mm
Countertop gutters304 film sanding stainless steel, thickness≥1.5mm
Outer layer of the frame of the labeling machine304 film sanding stainless steel, thickness≥1.5mm
Outer layer of turntable
Labeling machine guard door304 film sanded stainless steel, thickness 1.5mm
Body conveying side plate304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm
Photoelectric sensorKEYENCE
Touch screen man-machine interfaceSIEMENS(color display), Model: SMART700iE V3
Intermediate relayIDEC
PLC (Programmable Controller)SIEMENS, Model: S7-200
Time RelayImported from Switzerland
Labeling machine panelA3 steel plate thickness 25mm
The whole machine protective coverSliding door
Labeling machine frame Square steel tube80*60, 100*100
Random conveying passage guardrail304 stainless steel rod, φ 12mm
Bottle in and out star wheel, center guide plateEngineering Plastics
Bottle feederNylon


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