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  • Computer Intelligent Constant Pressure Self-Flow Filling Machine Fully Automatic
  • Computer Intelligent Constant Pressure Self-Flow Filling Machine Fully Automatic

Computer Intelligent Constant Pressure Self-Flow Filling Machine Fully Automatic



Marka Adı Hanyi
Üretim Yeri Shanghai, China
Minimum Sipariş Miktarı 1unit
Ödeme Şartları T/T
Teslimat Detayı 5 days - 20 days
Paketleme Detayları Standard export wooden case or carton box.

Detaylı Tanım

Computer Intelligent Constant Pressure Self-flow Filling Machine

The picture is for reference only.

Applicable liquid: It can be filled with liquid products with good fluidity. (Bottled or barreled)

Performance characteristics:

1. This machine is a fully automatic intelligent linear filling machine, using Siemens microcomputer advanced PLC programming control, photoelectric sensor, electric pneumatic control. Full-color touch screen man-machine interface, the entire filling process can be automatically filled through the touch screen on the device to complete the setting of the filling volume and the number of filling heads, and the process basically realizes one-button operation.

2. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets food hygiene standards.

3. The self-flow filling principle is adopted to prevent liquid from overflowing. The drip-proof filling head ensures the cleanliness of the filling process.

4. Linear conveying, convenient adjustment, suitable for filling most bottle types (especially shaped bottles).


 Unique advantages of this machine:

1. Advanced intelligent operating system

With PLC software support, the volume adjustment only needs to set the target volume on the touch screen, and the equipment can automatically increase or decrease to reach the target volume. Color touch display, complete all operations, monitoring, operation instructions and other functions in the touch screen.

2. Stable filling and rehydration function

Adopting the principle of functional separation, no fluid replenishment during the filling process, regardless of the filling process, thus overcoming the instability of floating-type filling while replenishing fluid.

3. Automatic bottle capping function for small bottles

This machine is equipped with a bayonet device to ensure that the mouth of the bottle and the filling nozzle are consistent when filling small volumes (glass bottles, etc.).

4. Wide application range, easy to adjust

It is suitable for the filling of most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles). It overcomes the trouble of replacing the dial when changing the bottle type of the rotary filling machine. For irregular bottle types that cannot be filled by the rotary filling machine, this machine has Greater advantage.

5. The filling process is closed and pollution-free

The whole machine is fully enclosed filling, which meets the national sanitary requirements and achieves sanitation and pollution-free


Technical Parameters:

No.Model numberZDHY-4ZDHY-8ZDHY-12ZDHY-16ZDHY-20ZDHY-24


Number of filling heads








Filling capacity

                100-1000ml Adjustable


Production capacity (B/H)








Filling accuracy



Power supply

50HZ/60HZ   3N-380V  土  10%


Power consumption



Equipped with air source pressure



Work pressure


 Note: The productivity is based on 500ml bottles and the inlet pressure is 0.15-0.2 MPa


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